DIY galaxy bookmark

So I almost did one for valentines day but that is a little to far away so I am doing this ( darn it, I gave you a hint of a post coming up ). Anyway this is what you will need

  • Jumbo craft sticks
  • Acrylic paint ( galaxy colors ) you probably know what they are.

Image result for galaxy bookmark popsicle stickOk, so first, Paint the whole stick black or purple, which ever you prefer. Now do tiny splashes all over the stick once your black or purple coat has dried ( I learned you have to let it dry the hard way in THIS CRAFT ). Now take the tiniest paintbrush you have and paint teeny tiny white dots all over or, you can use a toothbrush! And now your done!! Please try this it is SUPER fun!!

This is a more elaborate version

Picture from Pintrest



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