DIY purple frosting

So first of all I am really sorry that I have not posted in a while but I thought I could do this post because I have made purple frosting before and it is SO hard and it just kinda ends up gray! This is what you will need:

Vanilla buttercream frosting
Purple food coloring ( this may be hard to find but you can get it here )

First, dip the toothpick into the dye and than swirl it in to the frosting. It should look like a lilac color. If this is the color you want leave it this way. If you want it to look darker put the toothpick in about two more times.
This is the color I would want but if you want it VERY dark add about 2 or three more toothpicks full. Bye!Image result for purple frosting Lilac ( picture from google images )
Image result for purple frosting     Violet is the one I would use ( picture from google images )
Image result for deep purple frosting    Deep purple ( picture from google images )


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