Lollipop stand DIY

I saw this tutorial on YouTube a while ago IT IS SO CUTE!! Anyway, you will need.....

  • A vase
  • A Styrofoam ball ( Should not fit inside the vase )
  • A BIG pack of Dum Dums get them on Amazon here 
First put the styrofoam ball on the vase. Now stick in the Dum Dums until the whole ball is covered.
Image result for lollipop bouquetImage result for lollipop bouquetNow you're done! So since this has been a short post so I am going to talk about life. On Monday ( THIS MONDAY ) I will start SCHOOL! I have not been to school since Kindergarten. The 5th grade class looked SO FUN. For heavens sake they were eating eclairs in the dark!!! And the best part... their playground is HUGE. And since 5th graders eat lunch latest they get a snack! Anyway here are some examples for the lollipop stand. Bye! 


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