DIY galaxy bookmark

So I made this a while ago with regular paper but this time in the things you need I am typing with my chipped nail polish fingers " CARD STOCK " So this is what you will need including CARD STOCK.

  • Card stock
  • Black paint
  • blue paint
  • purple paint
  • orange paint
  • pink paint
  • white paint
  • Scissors
Image result for diy galaxy bookmark
Image result for diy galaxy bookmarkSo first cut a strip out of the card stock as long as you want. Now paint the strip black. now put little splashes of blue, purple, pink and orange. Now take that 'ol toothbrush from the last craft ( galaxy shoes ) and put dots of white. I would show you a pic of mine but as you know I did not use card stock! So I will just show you some examples. 


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